Young Boy Accidentally Kills his 12-Year-Old Brother

Young Boy Accidentally Kills his 12-Year-Old Brother


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In a shocking incident, a young boy accidentally killed his 12-year-old brother on Saturday after shooting him with an abandoned weapon that he found behind their home in the woods, police reported. The 5-year-old informed officials that he found the weapon and, believing it was a toy, accidentally killed his brother in the chest, the Griffin, Georgia police department said in a news release. His brother was rushed to hospital where he died as a result of his injuries.

Griffin police said earlier that day, officers tried a traffic stop in the area. But three men were able to avoid the car and flee behind a house. It is close to where this shooting took place. Police searched the house after the men escaped and found a bag. It was suspected of containing MDMA, but no weapons were found at the time.

Criminal Investigation Division of the police department is looking for the person accused of dumping the weapons. The weapon and clothes for the 12-year-old will be sent for review to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab. It is to help determine who owned and touched the weapon. Gunshot residue will also be checked on the child’s clothes. A spokesperson for the Griffin police told CNN that they expect charges against those. They discarded the gun and left it where it was found by young children.

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