Young Chop – When Young Chop Come In The Studio Lyrics

Young Chop

You can’t never win, you take losses
I done made it off the block, all I do is win
I done did some wrong, God, forgive me for my sins
I know I did wrong, God, forgive me for my sins
God, is You listening?
I’m tryna restore my life, is You listening?
God, I pray for all my enemies
Lord, I pray for my enemies
Take a couple shots to the head, ah, ah
Leave a f*ck nigga, yeah, dead, haha
I just wanna take off in a Bentley
Poppin’ all these Percs, can you feel me?
Niggas lookin at me wrong with they face frowned up
I got clippers, I’ll leave a nigga head lined up
I just f*cked a hundred bitches off the OnlyFans
I just want one night, I don’t need no romance

I don’t give a f*ck if she a dime, cuz
Times is hard, so I hustle, yeah, it’s mandatory
Big dog status, you can label me
If a nigga talk down, I’ma send this bitch up
Six shots to his motherf*ckin’ head
One shot to his motherf*ckin’ leg
Hop out that motherf*ckin’ bed
Turn my swag on, nigga, I’m like Soulja Boy
Turn my swag on like Soulja Boy
Pretty boy swag like Soulja Boy
I’ma hit him with a soldier, boy
In the army, strapped up like a soldier, boy

Ayy, DJ
You played the shit out this shit, bro
Ayy, on God
This the intro, nigga
This the intro, nigga
Chopsquad Records, nigga
Big boss status, nigga

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