Young Dolph Artist Kenny Muney Responds To Reports He Was Shot In Atlanta

Young Dolph artist Kenny Muney has responded to reports he was shot during a shooting incident at Atlantic Station in Atlanta.

The hip hop community has been hit again by gun violence following reports of an Atlanta shooting that occurred on Monday, May 17th. According to 11Alive, rapper Kenny Muney suffered gunshot wounds during an incident that happened at Atlantic Station. 

Sergeant Jarius Daugherty delivered a statement explaining that police were called to the scene in the late afternoon after a call came in about shots being fired in the area.  After discovering Muney injured, police say the rapper said he had been shot in the elbow and hip. According to Kenny, the shooter was in a vehicle and began opening fire on the rapper’s Mercedes-Benz at the intersection outside the station.

Police reports say that Muney’s car was struck nine times during the shooting, and that the incident led to a minor car accident involving another vehicle. A total of 22 shell casings were also found at the scene and a Glock 19 was reportedly confiscated from Kenny’s Benz.  It isn’t clear at this time what the motivation for the shooting might have been, but a witness suggests it may have been the result of road rage. 

“I don’t know exactly what happened,” the witness explained. “But I honestly believe from what I saw it was kind of like a cut-off or some kind of an incident, maybe he tapped them or something, and it was just over a car dispute.”

Kenny Muney, who is currently signed to Young Dolph’s label Paper Route Empire, has already been shot multiple times during his career. In 2018, he continued performing following a shooting injury by taking to the stage on crutches, only to be shot again during one of his shows a week later. We certainly hope Muney makes a full recovery and is no longer a target of gun violence going forward.

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In his response to the reporting, Muney said its all fake. “F*** fake news, this the real breaking news,” the rapper said in a video on his Instagram page. “That’s why reporters, police and all them got these fake-ass stories. I did not get shot twice. I’m straight and I’m good. No n***a hit me and I ain’t get shot. None of that. So tell that n***a to get a refund. He ain’t sh*t.”

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