Young M.a – Car Confessions Lyrics

This one of ’em ones, man
You just in the car, man
It’s like when you’re in the car you just
You just think about everything, man
Definitely when you like, you by yourself
And you just cruising on the highway, man
Yeah, this, this, this got me thinking

[Verse 1]
Uh, I’m smoking on that cat piss
Swerving through traffic, listening to trap shit
My windows ain’t tinted, so niggas notice me
Four braids, Yankee fitted, yeah, niggas know it’s me
I’m everywhere comfortable, but I’m still attentive
A young nigga with money will make niggas offended
I ain’t flashy, I’m classy, but I ain’t stupid either
Never show off to niggas that’s hungry and eager
My brother’s keeper, I’m loyal, it’s all in my demeanor
A true believer, I believe when they didn’t believe her
That’s why I don’t let opinions affect me
I do what I wanna do, if they do or they don’t accept me
They expect me to give up, I almost did
Things went from moving fast to slow motion
I was losing focus, stuck on that evil potion
It was smooth on the surface, but underneath it was broken
Hoping to find hope in this hopeless world we live in
What you give is what you given, gotta make wise decisions
Gotta stay tunnel vision, gotta avoid collision
Keep scratching the surface and keep your palms itching
Gotta pay moms a visit, damn, it’s been awhile
I been working, she keep telling me she miss her child
I find myself passing her house, then I spin around
She say I’m always movin’, ma, I just can’t sit around
On my ass ’cause the cash ain’t gon’ come to us
When we was down, who gave a dime or gave a f*ck for us?
So instead of makin’ it hard, I made it fun for us
Make it easy, so when you need it, you just run to us
But it’s a lot of pressure, I’m tryna stick and move through this shit
Fixing these bumps in the road so I can just cruise to this shit
Livin’ my life on the road, I’m tryna get used to this shit
And when they throw dirt, I just act like a broom to this shit

Tryna stay true to this shit, even when they lie on me
World on my shoulders, my girl can’t even cry on me
God watching over me, the devil probably spy on me
I been going through some shit, Kenneth keep an eye on me
I know it’s been a drought, but to my fans, don’t go dry on me
If you want a picture, take a picture, don’t get shy on me
I’m here to inspire, I admire that you admire me
I been in the dark, but I promise you’ll see a brighter me
I’m sorry

To all my supporters, man
I love y’all
I just wanna say thank you
For supporting me since day one
These motherf*ckers don’t wanna see me win, man
I don’t know why, but we gon’ win anyway

[Verse 2]
Uh, I came straight out the p*ssy with a microphone
Boy, I swear I couldn’t leave that mic alone
Everybody clear the room, I like to write alone
I’m in my zone, bass bouncin’ off the styrofoam
I’m never in between, I’m either hot or cold
Can’t be a loser, I maneuver like I got a clone
I’m out here in these streets like I ain’t got a home
And you barely hear from me like I ain’t got a phone
‘Cause it’s no days off, it’s no days off
I know it sounds a little painful, but it pays off
Social sites was distracting so I stayed off
Spoke to God, then me and satan had a face off
I swear my life was like a rocket, then it takes off
First I plotted, then I got it, couldn’t wait long
I put the pedal to the metal, then took the brakes off
And I kept it A1 like the steak sauce
My paychecks use to be a pair of Jordans
And I know I can’t afford ’em, but I went ahead and bought ’em
Then I quit, started slangin’, spent my money on recordin’
Yeah, the studio was small, but man, that shit made me a fortune

That shit made me a fortune, man
These motherf*ckers tryna stop me
Y’all can’t stop me
This is forever
This shit forever, man
I mean that
f*ck ’em

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