Young M.a – Foreign Lyrics

Hey man
Ay, we be f*ckin’ up them foreigns man
f*ckin’ up the highway
f*cking up the eway
f*cking up the streets

f*ckin’ up a foreign
Police pull me over with a ticket and a warning
I still ain’t pay that bill
Damn, I probably got a warrant
Haters trying to blow my vibes
Gotta ignore ’em
I eat it then I leave
Put on my Louie hoodie then my Louie sneakers
I don’t ever cuff a thotty or a skeezer
Don’t know how to love, I just know how to please her
Baby come and put your toppings on my pizza
I don’t catch no feelings, I’m a bob and weaver
Valet the foreign, I don’t pay no meters
My bank account look like the numbers on a beeper
f*cking up an Amex, this is not a Visa
Ooh, she’s a leaker
So I iced her out, now she’s a a walking freezer
I’m the don dada and my bitch a diva
No, I do not trick but I know how to treat her

My diamonds caucasian
My jewellery go bling-bling
Your jewellery don’t say shit
My bitch said she leaving me
I went on vacation

Ay, I’m f*cking with this foreign
Yeah, that bitch look good but I cut her off ’cause she annoying
Humble down lil’ hoe ’cause really you ain’t that important
Collecting bags at night and ill be richer by the morning
Yes I will

It’s a groove
I grind and get it, I mind by business
Im winning, yeah it’s a mood
You whining bitch and you broke
You lying and fibbing and it ain’t cool
Broke nigga, hoe nigga, hoe nigga, broke nigga
Hoe nigga leave the room
‘Cause I’m broke niggas, no nigga
Won’t nigga, go nigga
No we ain’t bool
Hey lil’ bit, go lil’ bit

Hoe lil bit, no I ain’t no fool
Snakes on a plane ’cause snakes on my shoes
Blue faces all in my rules
Water on my neck, water on my wrist
Water in my drip, ooh, pardon my pool
Pardon my drool, pardon my ooh

Hey, made my plate, now I’m eating my food
It’s a fact shit, black shit
Matte shit, bat shit and the engine go vroom
Flinstones on my neck and the diamonds go yaba daba doo
Im taking your bitch, play with your bitch
Then I give her back to you

My diamonds caucasian
My jewellery go bling-bling
Your jewellery don’t say shit
My bitch said she leaving me
I went on vacation

When your bitch in town, I just send her my location
Ay, she said my crib is spacious
Told her, "You should see the bar inside my basement"
Can’t open up them bottles, done with acc’ shit
Drink Hennessy, can’t smoke no weed, it make her anxious
Hey Bitch, I’m just trying to f*ck, ain’t got no patience
It don’t make no sense to f*ck if you ain’t wasted
f*ck it, I’ll just call up your replacement
And I bet a 100 bands that bitch get naked
And I like my bitches foreign, can’t do basic
And when I she just give me head, bitch just don’t think shit
Told my side bitch just to f*ck me, just don’t say shit
Yea she feisty-feisty, she like to break shit
Oh you love the bitch, oh you cuffed the bitch
I released her from you, put her on probation
You said she celibate, it’s a celebration

I’ma f*ck her anyway
All my closets foreign
All my bitches foreign
All my clothes are foreign
All my shoes are foreign

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