Yurodivy – Achievement Lyrics

This is slowly taking me apart. I always used to fight for
Something, with hope, but no chance to reach my aim
A meaningless struggle for the balance.
It’s the nature of human beings, to seek the absolute, the meaning and fullness of life
Everyone is here for what he thought was good and right.
But in the midst of chaos, sometimes you reallise that nothing can be saved.
The worst is the man who thinks nothing is worth dying for
Behind the mask, the shadow becomes the shadow.

We’re not so brave when we have to find a cure.
I had a cure for your desease, a kind of drug that you will love.
I can make this all go away, the doomsday will be quiet.
A mix of disregard and apathy, but we’ll be there together,
Become money gods on the rooftop of the world.
You try to be an another one, but you’re already a copy
From the belly to the tomb, you’ll hate almost everyone
From the belly to the tomb only the path counts

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