Zaytoven – Woosah Lyrics (feat. CHIEF KEEF)

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haa
Ahaha, haha, haha, uh
Man, put his ass back, where he came (Ahh-uh)
I thank y'all for comin' out (Ayy)
Ayy, Ayy (Ahh-uh)
Ooh, oooh
Sosa, baby, GBE, baby (Mm-mm)
Ha, ha, ha, haha, haha (Ahh-ahh)

[Verse 1]
Baby, you free as a motherf*ckin' freeway
Vroom, vroom, vroom, go do you
Get green baby, don't be blue
Oh you got guns baby, unhandled
Don't pull on my collar, tryna let me loose
Got the good dollar signs, don't hate dude
Got all these drugs, I'm like woosah
Chillin' out like woosah
Boy, my gun don't got no holster
Gun don't got no holster, ayy
Yeah, that young nigga from O'Block
Creepin' down on yo' block, ayy
I'ma star, I ain't a co-star, star, ain't a co-star, ayy (Ayy)
At first I was a Hobart, now I'm runnin' shows up, ayy (Ayy)
[Verse 2]
I'm from another planet, what I'm doin' here?
I ain't been to my home planet in six years
I know they be lookin' for me like, "Damn, Sosa a don" (Ha, ha, ha)

Only thing I get high off of purple and chron' (Ha, ha, ha, ayy)
In a all black Lamb' truck, this bitch cost a Rolls Royce Dawn (Dawn)
You don't know how it feel to lose all of yo' niggas
It's just one thing you want (Want)
Is one more time (Time), to cool with all your niggas (Let's get it)
But I'm passed that, big blunts but I'm not gonna pass that
Sometime I f*ck with a rat hoe
But I would never f*ck with the rat pack
Got Smith-n with me, baby, woosah, woosah
Stick yo ass like botox (Bang, bang-bang, bang-bang)
Bitch, put your seat belt on when you hop in the fast car
Tadoe steady ask how I'm bleedin'
When he know I'm bleedin' like a tampon
Still got love for the same bitch like when I was posted on Lamron
My mama named me Keith baby, I'm a rider baby I'm Stephen
When the wheels went flat, we fixed that bitch and kept goin'
(Ahh-uh, ahh-uh)
Now them folks on a trap when I pull up they be like, yeah boy

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