Zilla F. Baby – Pancakes Lyrics

[Verse 1: Zilla]
Fixed a plate of pancakes my stomach ain’t acting right
They killed my nigga Billy lost my motherf*cking appetite
Hillsborough life getting too deep
Nightmares every night been on my mind for two weeks
But God bless his soul, he’s in a better place now
If I ever catch his killer, leave that nigga faced down
Hit the geeb to relax these nerves
Its action on sight can’t relax these verbs
Started freestyling tracks, niggas thought I wasn’t spitting
But I’m back with these writtens, to leave you shitting, that’s a given
On a mission to go missing till you listen
I’ll be pissing off…
Labels, fake rappers and fables
Niggas that say they selling caine, but really they ain’t able
The money is on the table, you motherf*cker
Reach for it put you through it like a f*cking Dudley Brother
Now that’s 3D so I’m right up in our face
You should ask Riordan before you invite me to your place
Cause I been known to wreck shit
Get wreckless
Let my dick hang like my necklace, bitches getting neglected
No time for that, trying to make this album epic
Pancakes And Bacon, listen to this shit at breakfast
Right after you wake and bake
If you need a great escape
Hip Hop been slacking but trust me I’m here to raise the stakes
Like beef on a ladder, TLC Match
Waterfall the geeb, bringing TLC back

I don’t trust to many niggas, I’m avoiding all the handshakes
Feeling down, so I’m drinking till I can’t stand straight
I was taught to keep it real, never been a damn fake
I’m just rapping I ain’t trapping, all I flip is pancakes
All I flip is pancakes
All I flips is pancakes
All I flip is pancakes

[Verse 2]
Went from ReRack to bean bag, I’m sitting comfy
Went from rehab to knee scab, I’m peeling money

You niggas still just funny, evil laugh evil laugh
f*ck with Zilla if you want, I beat yo ass beat yo ass
Go ahead and call the cops
They come to me, I call the shots
MLB, NBA, NFL I ball a lot
Ya’ll should stop

I got a lot of shit to say nigga give me a book
Ya’ll f*cking thots, I’m trying to wife Olivia Cooke
Cause she’s gorge and that accent is so damn sexy
Somebody tweet her my number and tell the bitch to text me
Rap game Norman Bates
Ignoring hate, whores get raped
Lying ass rappers get your motherf*cking story straight
I got a glory ache, I’m really really proud
Smoking on that megaphone its really really loud
I went deaf for a minutes
I don’t trust hoes, I ain’t have sex a minutes
Disrespcting them critics
Not investing in gimmicks
Its like everybody raps now, this shit is so ridiculous
First nigga from the Burbs hitting you with lyrics
Bars after bars now these hood niggas feel it
Hip Hop to the soul man I got Biggie spirit
Local celeb, Twitter get the blue check for me
@LacrossePinny nigga tell you bitch to check for me
Better chill we get foul and here its no referee
I rep Boro to the motherf*cking death of me
I’m so 908 you gotta kill me here
If you ever looking for me bitch I will be here
TSC is an army, Navy Seal me here
T$C is an army Navy Seal me here
The last bitch I f*cked was Kaylee
She dumped me two years ago and she hates me
So that should tell you where my mind been lately
Focused on this music give a f*ck about vagina
Smoked out playing beats chilling in recliners
Need a reminder, why no one is illa
All these rappers pray to me, that’s why they call me God…….Zilla

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